Convert WordPress Content to Bricks And Vice Versa

With Bricks, you have complete freedom over which pages you want to edit with it. You can build all your pages with Bricks, or just a selected few. And the rest with either Gutenberg or the Classic Editor.

How To Convert WordPress content to Bricks content

Bricks can convert your existing WordPress content into valid Bricks code. So you don’t have to start all over again. This only applies to pages that have no existing Bricks content, of course.

This option is disable by default, so when you take over editing of an existing WordPress page you start with a blank canvas in Bricks.

To load your existing WordPress content into Bricks go to Bricks > Settings and enable Convert WordPress Content To Bricks Content.

Bricks Admin Setting: Convert WordPress Content To Bricks Content

The next time take over editing for an existing WordPress page with Bricks your WordPress generated content will be converted to Bricks elements. Only those elements that Bricks and WordPress have in common can be converted, but those are most elements 🙂

How To Convert Bricks content to WordPress content

By default your WordPress generated content won’t be altered when editing with Bricks. So the two of them live independently from each other.

You can however head over to the Bricks admin settings shown in the screenshot above and enable Convert Bricks Content To WordPress Content. Next time you save a page in Bricks, this content will be converted to WordPress content/blocks. So WordPress and Bricks data are in sync.

The following video will walk you through how Bricks content conversion works and looks like: