Global Settings

You can access the global settings by clicking the Gear icon in the builder toolbar. They are organized into the following groups:

  • General: Miscellaneous settings such as the favicon.
  • Performance: Various performance-related settings to help speed up your site.
  • API Keys: This is where you copy & paste API keys for services like Unsplash, Google Maps, Mailchimp, etc. Make sure to hit the Apply API Keys & Reload for your changes to take effect.
  • Builder: This is where you can disable the autosave, switch between light/dark builder mode, and set to what the toolbar logo should link to.
  • Custom Code: Add any site-wide CSS & JS code into the appropriate control. Perfect place for scripts like Google Analytics, etc.
  • Import/Export: Export your global settings as a backup, or to grab them to import on another Bricks site.

Next to the Global Settings title is the Reset button to help you start with a clean slate, rather than having to delete every setting one by one.

Global Settings: Disabling the builder autosave.