Collection: Developer

  • Text Shadow Control

    The text-shadow control displays a popup that lets you set the CSS text-shadow of a specified HTML text element. Resources
  • Textarea Control

    The textarea control displays a textarea input field. You can set the following parameters: rows (number. Default: 5)readonly (true/false. Default: false)spellcheck (true/false. Default: false)inlineEditing (true to enable)
  • Text Control

    The text control displays a text input field. You can set the following parameters: spellcheck: true/false. (Default: false)trigger: 'keyup'/'enter'. (Default: keyup)inlineEditing: Set to true to enable Resources
  • SVG Control

    The SVG control lets you select an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) file from the media library. The selected SVG returns an array with the following keys: id (media library item ID)filenameurl We recommend rendering the SVG inline as shown in […]
  • Slider Control

    The slider control shows a draggable range input field. Default units are px, em and rem. You can set the following control parameters: units (array with custom units and min, max, step attributes) unitless (set to false for plain number) […]
  • Select Control

    The select control lets you select an option from a dropdown. It can be used to render content or CSS styling. Use the options array to populate the dropdown with your own options. The option key should be all lowercase, […]
  • Repeater Control

    The repeater control lets you create repeatable fields. Fields can be cloned, deleted, and sorted via Drag & Drop. Use the fields argument to set up the field controls.
  • Query Control

    The query control lets you set query arguments to retrieve items of any post type. Use the returned value to set up a custom WP_Query to render the matching posts in any way you want. Resources
  • Number Control

    The number control represents a simple number input field. It has the following custom properties: unit (string: px, em, rem etc.)min (number)max (number)step (Default: 1) (Custom: '0.1' etc.) Use it to render a number to the page or set the […]
  • Link Control

    The link control give you the choice of different link types: Internal post/pageExternal URLPopup (image, video)