Collection: Developer

  • Code Control

    The code control embeds a code editor utilizing the amazing CodeMirror library. Users for which you've enabled "Code Execution" in the Bricks settings, will be able to execute PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You don't need to define your own […]
  • Checkbox Control

    The checkbox control is a simple on/off switch. If enabled it outputs a boolean value of true. Disabled it returns false. You can use it to conditionally show/hide other content settings as we illustrate in the following code example: class […]
  • Box Shadow Control

    The box-shadow control is a CSS control and you can set the following properties: Offset XOffset YSpreadBlurColorInset Resources
  • Border Control

    The border control lets you set the following border properties:  Border width (top/right/bottom/left)Background style (top/right/bottom/left)Background color (none/solid/double/dotted/dashed)Border radius (top/right/bottom/left) The example below illustrates how to apply a border via the css parameter and how to set border defaults.
  • Background Control

    The background control lets you set the following background properties: Background colorBackground imageBackground video (requires bricksBackgroundVideoInit script. See code example below) There are various settings for the background image and video. You can exclude color/image/video settings via the exclude parameter. […]
  • Audio Control

    The audio control lets you select an audio file from the media library. It also gives you various options to show/hide artist and title, choose between a light/dark theme, autoplay the audio file, etc. It has no custom control parameters. […]
  • Element Controls

    Element controls allow the user to change the content and appearance of an element. You can define the controls of an element with the set_controls() method in your element PHP class. Example element class with control parameters for control testColor: class Prefix_Element_Test […]
  • Create Your Own Elements

    The Bricks child theme, which you can download from your account includes a simple custom element for demonstration purposes. The article below explains in more detail how to create your own elements. Creating your own elements with Bricks follows a […]
  • Child Theme

    Please do not edit any of the Bricks theme core files directly, as all your changes will be lost, when updating the theme.  Instead, use the Bricks child theme to make modifications, and overwrite files. You can download the Bricks child […]