Topic: Controls (Developer)

  • Text Control

    The text control displays a text input field. You can set the following parameters: spellcheck: true/false. (Default: false)trigger: 'keyup'/'enter'. (Default: keyup)inlineEditing: Set to true to enable Resources
  • SVG Control

    The SVG control lets you select an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) file from the media library. The selected SVG returns an array with the following keys: id (media library item ID)filenameurl We recommend rendering the SVG inline as shown in […]
  • Slider Control

    The slider control shows a draggable range input field. Default units are px, em and rem. You can set the following control parameters: units (array with custom units and min, max, step attributes) unitless (set to false for plain number) […]
  • Select Control

    The select control lets you select an option from a dropdown. It can be used to render content or CSS styling. Use the options array to populate the dropdown with your own options. The option key should be all lowercase, […]
  • Repeater Control

    The repeater control lets you create repeatable fields. Fields can be cloned, deleted, and sorted via Drag & Drop. Use the fields argument to set up the field controls.
  • Query Control

    The query control lets you set query arguments to retrieve items of any post type. Use the returned value to set up a custom WP_Query to render the matching posts in any way you want. Resources
  • Number Control

    The number control represents a simple number input field. It has the following custom properties: unit (string: px, em, rem etc.)min (number)max (number)step (Default: 1) (Custom: '0.1' etc.) Use it to render a number to the page or set the […]
  • Link Control

    The link control give you the choice of different link types: Internal post/pageExternal URLPopup (image, video)
  • Info Control

    The info control does not affect the HTML or CSS on the frontend. It serves as a builder-only helper controls to provide additional information. Example below: the Alert element displays an info control when the Type is set to Custom.
  • Image Gallery Control

    The image gallery control lets you select multiple images from your media library. Once images have been selected you can choose the image size. Your selected images are stored in an array, which you have to loop through (see code […]