Topic: Controls (Developer)

  • Image Control

    The image control lets you select a single image from your media library. Once an image has been selected you
  • Icon Control

    The icon control lets you select and output icons from the following icon font libraries: Fontawesome 5Ionicons 4Themify The user
  • Gradient Control

    The gradient control lets you define an unlimited number of gradients that you can apply to text, background, and as
  • Filters Control

    The filters control offers the following CSS filters: blur, brightness, contrast, hue, invert, opacity, saturation, sepia. All sections, rows, columns,
  • Editor Control

    The editor control provides the default WordPress editor. To directly edit content in the builder preview set the inlineEditing properties.
  • Dimensions Control

    The dimensions control is perfect for adding multi-directional CSS properties such as margin and padding (top/right/bottom/left). You can set the
  • Datepicker Control

    The datepicker control provides a great interface for selecting a specific date and time and outputting it in the format
  • Color Control

    The color control is a custom-built color picker that you won't find anywhere else. It lets you pick and adjust
  • Code Control

    The code control embeds a code editor utilizing the amazing CodeMirror library. Users for which you've enabled "Code Execution" in
  • Checkbox Control

    The checkbox control is a simple on/off switch. If enabled it outputs a boolean value of true. Disabled it returns