Topic: Controls (Developer)

  • Image Control

    The image control lets you select a single image from your media library. Once an image has been selected you can choose the image size. You can either use the returned image id and size to render an image on […]
  • Icon Control

    The icon control lets you select and output icons from the following icon font libraries: Fontawesome 5Ionicons 4Themify The user can also select individually uploaded SVG files if you've enabled "SVG Uploads" under "Bricks > Settings" in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Gradient Control

    The gradient control lets you define an unlimited number of gradients that you can apply to text, background, and as an overlay. You can set the CSS selector in the control, adjust the angle between 0 and 360°, and set […]
  • Filters Control

    The filters control offers the following CSS filters: blur, brightness, contrast, hue, invert, opacity, saturation, sepia. All sections, rows, columns, and elements already have a CSS Filters control under the Style tab CSS group.
  • Editor Control

    The editor control provides the default WordPress editor. To directly edit content in the builder preview set the inlineEditing properties. See the code example below:
  • Dimensions Control

    The dimensions control is perfect for adding multi-directional CSS properties such as margin and padding (top/right/bottom/left). You can set the directions to anything you want via the directions property.
  • Datepicker Control

    The datepicker control provides a great interface for selecting a specific date and time and outputting it in the format of your choice.
  • Color Control

    The color control is a custom-built color picker that you won't find anywhere else. It lets you pick and adjust colors in hex, rgba and hsl format. It also includes a global color palette to save any color for later […]
  • Code Control

    The code control embeds a code editor utilizing the amazing CodeMirror library. Users for which you've enabled "Code Execution" in the Bricks settings, will be able to execute PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You don't need to define your own […]
  • Checkbox Control

    The checkbox control is a simple on/off switch. If enabled it outputs a boolean value of true. Disabled it returns false. You can use it to conditionally show/hide other content settings as we illustrate in the following code example: class […]