Topic: Controls (Developer)

  • Box Shadow Control

    The box-shadow control is a CSS control and you can set the following properties: Offset XOffset YSpreadBlurColorInset Resources
  • Border Control

    The border control lets you set the following border properties:  Border width (top/right/bottom/left)Background style (top/right/bottom/left)Background color (none/solid/double/dotted/dashed)Border radius (top/right/bottom/left) The example below
  • Background Control

    The background control lets you set the following background properties: Background colorBackground imageBackground video (requires bricksBackgroundVideoInit script. See code example
  • Audio Control

    The audio control lets you select an audio file from the media library. It also gives you various options to
  • Element Controls

    Element controls allow the user to change the content and appearance of an element. You can define the controls of an