Topic: Features

  • Custom Fonts

    Your website typography has a huge impact on how your site is perceived, and it'll pay off to spend some time to get this aspect right. Bricks allows you to add any font you want. From web-safe fonts to Google […]
  • Create Your Own Sidebars

    Bricks provides you with its own, built-in sidebar generator. Located in your WordPress dashboard under Bricks > Sidebars it lets you to create unlimited sidebars (widgetized areas). All you need to do is give your sidebar a name and description […]
  • Shape Dividers

    Give your design an edge by adding an unlimited number of shape dividers such as tilts, drops, grids, clouds, strokes, triangles, waves, etc. to any block:
  • Global Elements

    To reuse an existing element somewhere else on your site we can convert this element into a Global Element. How To Create A Global Element Once you've finished editing your element (content & styles), right-click onto your element to reveal […]
  • Context Menu

    Bricks' context menu gives you quick access to various block actions such as edit, clone, delete, copy & paste styles (works also across different browser tabs), and to save elements as Global Elements. To reveal the context menu simply hover […]
  • Gradients & Overlays

    Spice up the design of your site by adding background, overlay, and text gradients to any block. The Gradients & Overlays control group is located under the Style tab when editing a block. Available controls: Apply to: Select the type of […]
  • Unsplash Integration

    Finding affordable, high-quality, commercially useable photography for your website (that doesn't scream stock photography) is really hard. Bricks is putting an end to it., the world's largest and most generous community of photographers, allows you to use their photography […]
  • Hover Styles

    Bring your site to life and boost visitor engagement by styling the hover state of any block. Activate the Hover Styles mode by clicking the "cursor" icon in the builder toolbar. The icon should now be highlighted, indicating that you […]
  • Responsive Editing

    What looks great on a large desktop screen usually needs some refinement for smaller devices. This typically involves applying smaller font sizes, margins, paddings, column width/stacking, or hiding certain elements on smaller devices. Bricks lets you adjust styles for the […]