Topic: Features

  • Container Element

    Bricks 1.2 introduces the "Container" element. It replaces the section, row, column layout approach. The new container element gives you
  • SVG Uploads

    WordPress, by default, does not allow SVG file uploads as this XML-based file format can contain malicious code. It can
  • Dynamic Data

    Use dynamic data to render all sorts of data from your WordPress database with Bricks. For example: Featured image, post
  • Builder Access

    By default only site admins have Full Access to Bricks. To allow builder access for a certain user simply edit
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Quickly perform the most common in-builder actions through short & simple keyboard shortcuts: Key CombinationDescriptionCMD / CTRL + SSave your
  • Custom Code

    Bricks allows you to add your own custom code (CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP) to various parts of your website. Global
  • Custom Fonts

    Your website typography has a huge impact on how your site is perceived, and it'll pay off to spend some
  • Create Your Own Sidebars

    Bricks provides you with its own, built-in sidebar generator. Located in your WordPress dashboard under Bricks > Sidebars it lets
  • Shape Dividers

    Give your design an edge by adding an unlimited number of shape dividers such as tilts, drops, grids, clouds, strokes,
  • Global Elements

    To reuse an existing element somewhere else on your site we can convert this element into a Global Element. How