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Custom Authentication Pages

Since Bricks 1.9.2, you can create custom pages for the various authentication processes, effectively substituting the standard WordPress authentication pages.

How to set custom authentication pages

  1. Navigate to the WordPress dashboard
  2. Navigate to Bricks > Settings > General
  3. Scroll down to Custom Authentication Pages

Here, you can choose a custom page for the following processes:

  • Login
  • Registration
  • Lost Password
  • Reset Password
Custom authentication pages

Setting up your custom pages

When creating these custom pages, it’s essential to use the “Form” element on those pages with the appropriate authentication actions set under the “Actions” control group of your form.

For detailed information on setting up form actions and other features of the Form Element, please refer to the Form element article.

For instance, for a login page, you should have a form that includes fields for username/email and password, with the “User Login” action set.