Topic: Templates

  • Remote Templates

    Remote templates is another unique Bricks feature that lets you browse and insert templates of another Bricks installation. No more exporting templates from one site and then importing them on another site. Public access to your templates is disabled by […]
  • Template Settings

    When editing a template click the Settings (gear) icon in the builder toolbar to access the Template Settings: You should see the following Template Settings groups: Group: Header Only available when editing a header template. Here you can set the header […]
  • Creating Your First Template

    Now that you are familiar with all template concepts and the template library let's create the most commonly used templates: a website header, footer, and blog post layout in the video below. Bricks, by default, shows your first published header […]
  • Template Library

    Open the Template Library by clicking the Templates (folder) icon in the builder toolbar. All of your own templates are located under the "My Templates" tab. Browse dozens of pre-designed templates that you can insert with a single click under […]
  • An Intro To Templates

    Templates are a central feature of Bricks. There are different template types. At the very least you usually create a header, footer, and blog post template. A template can contain a single section (e.g. your website header, a hero section, […]