Topic: Features

  • Converter

    Bricks 1.4 introduces the new "Converter". The Converter is a built-in tool that scans your database for outdated Bricks data
  • Query Loop

    The Query Loop builder is available since version 1.3.7 for the Container, Accordion, and Slider element. It allows you to
  • Builder Mode (Custom)

    Starting at Bricks 1.3.7 you can customize the builder mode (color scheme) to your liking by tweaking a few CSS
  • Element: Post Content

    The Post Content element is a placeholder in the builder that tells Bricks to fetch the post content into the
  • Styling Element States & Parts

    Bricks lets you apply different styles to an element depending on its state (such as on mouse :hover or a
  • Global CSS Classes

    A CSS class is a collection of styles (CSS rules) that you can apply to any element anywhere on your
  • Asset Loading Optimization

    "Performance" being one of Bricks' three pillars, we have introduced a new asset loading solution in version 1.3.4 that offers
  • Form Element

    The Bricks' "Form" element is an out-of-the-box element to build and place forms on any page built with Bricks. The
  • Custom Attributes

    Bricks 1.3 introduces the possibility to add your own custom HTML attributes to any element. You can add custom attributes
  • Accessibility

    Bricks 1.3 introduces a deep focus on helping site creators to address the accessibility requirements easily. Accessibility (or a11y), is