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Filter: bricks/search_form/home_url

The bricks/search_form/home_url filter allows developers to customize the action URL of the search form within the Bricks theme. This filter provides the flexibility to redirect search queries to a different URL than the default WordPress home URL.

By using this filter, developers can integrate custom search solutions or direct the search form submissions to a specific page, enhancing the search functionality tailored to specific needs.

Example Usage:

add_filter( 'bricks/search_form/home_url', function( $home_url ) {    // Custom logic to determine the action URL    $custom_action_url = ''; 
    return $custom_action_url;});

In this simple example, the search form action URL is changed to a custom page. This is particularly useful for websites with specialized search requirements or for integrating with external search platforms.


  • $home_url (string): The default URL to which the search form points, typically the home URL.


  • (string): The modified URL for the search form action.