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Gradients & Overlays

Spice up your site’s design by adding background, overlay, and text gradients to any element. When editing an element, the Gradients & Overlays control group is under the Style tab.

Available controls:

  • Apply to: Select the type of content you want to add a gradient to (text, background, overlay).
  • CSS selector: To target a specific HTML within an element.
  • Colors: Add at least two colors to see a gradient. When you apply the gradient to an overlay make sure to reduce the color transparency in order to see through it.
  • Type: Choose the gradient type—linear, radial, or conic.
  • Repeat (since 1.9.4): Allows the gradient to repeat across the element. Define ‘stops’ to control the transition points of each color, using units like percentages or pixels.

Linear gradient controls:

  • Angle in °: Set a specific angle for your linear gradient between 0 to 360°.

Radial gradient controls:

  • Shape: Choose between ‘circle’ or ‘ellipse’.
  • Size: Select from ‘closest-side’, ‘farthest-side’, ‘closest-corner’, ‘farthest-corner’. For details on these settings, see the Mozilla Documentation.
  • Position: Define the central point of the gradient.

Conic gradient controls:

  • Starting angle in °: Specify the starting angle of the gradient between 0 to 360°.
  • Position: Set the gradient’s center.