Template Library

Use the Template Library to browse through dozens of pre-designed templates that you can insert with a single click right within the builder.

It also hosts all of your own templates. Which you can browse, edit, export, delete, etc.. You can even import existing templates and create new templates from the Template Library.

To access to Template Library, load up the builder and click the Templates (folder) icon in the builder toolbar. On an empty page clicking the folder icon on the blank canvas accomplishes the same:

Template Library: My Templates & Community Templates

Template Sources

Use the two tabs in the top left corner of the Template Library to switch between viewing your own templates and pre-designed community templates.

If you’ve set a Remote Templates URL via the Bricks > Settings in your WordPress dashboard, then you’ll see a Remote Templates label instead of the Community Templates label. Remote Templates allow you to browse templates from any other Bricks installation that you have access to.

Import Images & Replace Content

Located in the top right corner of the Template Library are two important checkboxes:

  • IMPORT IMAGES: When checked all template images are downloaded into your media library. Leave it unchecked to insert a template without images. A placeholder image will show instead.
  • REPLACE CONTENT: When checked your existing content is deleted and the template will be inserted on a blank canvas. If unchecked the template is inserted after the last section.

Template Filters

You’ll find template filters right below the template sources:

  • Template Bundle: Select a template bundle to show only templates that belong to this bundle. A template bundle is a collection of templates of the same website (e.g. home page, contact, about us page, etc.)
  • Template Tag: Select a template tag to show only templates that have the selected tag assigned to them.
  • Template Type: Select a template type to show only templates of the selected template type.
  • Search Templates: Enter any keyword to search for a specific template.

Template Actions

Right next to template filters are the following action icons:

Action: Create Template

Click on the “+” icon to create a new template. Enter a title and select a template type. The template bundle is optional. Click CREATE TEMPLATE to create a new template.

You can also create a new template from the WordPress dashboard by going to Bricks > Templates and clicking Add New. Next give your template a title, select a template type from the meta box on the right side of the editing screen and click Publish. Template tags and bundles are optional.

Action: Save As Template

Click the disk icon to save your existing content as a template. Enter a title and selecting a template type. Selecting a bundle is optional. Click SAVE NEW TEMPLATE to save your new template.

To save a specific section as a template hover over a section in the builder. The Edit (pen) icon should appear in the bottom right corner. Hover over it, and click the disk icon (Save Section As Template). Give your template section a name and select template type “Section”. Then click SAVE NEW TEMPLATE.

Action: Import Template

Click the download icon to import existing template(s).

Import a single template (JSON file) or multiple templates in ZIP format.

Click “Select file(s) to import” and select the JSON/ZIP file from your computer or drag and drop those files into the marked area.

To import templates from the WordPress dashboard go to 
Bricks > Templates and click Import Templates.

Select your template file (JSON/ZIP) from your computer and click Import template(s). Or drag and drop those files into the marked area.

Action: Sync Templates

The sync icon is only available for Community Templates.

Export Template(s)

To export one of your templates hover over the template title and click Export Template. This will generate and download a JSON file with your template data on to your computer.

To export multiple templates at once as a ZIP file, go to Bricks > Templates in your WordPress dashboard, select the templates you want to export.

Then click on Bulk Actions and select Export, and click Apply:

A ZIP file of your selected templates will be generated and downloaded on to your computer.

This ZIP file contains all templates as individual JSON files. Either unzip it to import individual templates or import the entire ZIP file to bulk import all templates at once.

Want to provide a template for the community? Awesome! Please get in touch via email: support [at] bricksbuilder.io. We’ll make sure to link to your profile URL, so other Bricks users can get in touch and hire you to design their Bricks site.