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Block Element

The Block element is one of the four layout elements in Bricks (1.5+).

Introduced together with the Section & Div element it allows you to create flexible layouts in record time.

It offers the same controls as the Container element (flexbox, query loop, etc.). But uses a default width of 100%.

This makes it the perfect element to use inside of a Container (e.g. column/row based layout). Or wherever you need to span the entire available width, plus quick access to direction & alignment settings. As the Block element uses flex by default.

If want your layout element to only take up the space of its content, use the Div element instead.

Theme Style: Element – Block

You can change the following Block default settings in your theme styles under “Element – Block”:

  • width
  • min-width
  • max-width
  • margin
  • padding