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Div Element

The Div element is one of the four layout elements in Bricks (1.5+).

Introduced together with the Section & Block element it allows you to create flexible layouts in record time.

The Div element in Bricks is a plain, unstyled div. It’s the most generic element to group and lay out your content.

While you use the Container to “contain” other elements inside a preset width of 1100px, and the Block element with a 100% width, the Div element has no presets at all.

Making it perfect to use inside other layout elements as it grows & shrinks according to its content, or to build Div-only class-based layouts.

Theme Style: Element – Div

You can change the defaults of the Div element in your theme styles under “Element – Div”.

  • display
  • flex-direction (if display set to "flex")
  • justify-content (if display set to "flex")
  • align-items (if display set to "flex")
  • width
  • min-width
  • max-width
  • margin
  • padding