Custom Code

You can add Custom CSS and Custom JavaScript globally, page-wide, or to a specific block.

To add custom globally go to Bricks > Settings > Custom Code in your WordPress dashboard.

To apply custom CSS & JavaScript to a specific page edit this page with Bricks, and go to Settings > Page Settings > Custom Code to add your custom code.

Block-Specific Custom CSS

Every element, column, row, and section has a Custom CSS control group under the Style tab. Use the root placeholder to target the currently editing element.

Custom JavaScript

You can add custom scripts (JavaScript) in three locations:

  • Header scripts: Adds your scripts right before the closing </head> tag. This is where you want to copy & paste tracking scripts, etc. Make sure to add those scripts in your WordPress dashboard under Bricks > Settings > Custom Code > Header Scripts to add tracking to all your pages.
  • Body (header) scripts: Adds your scripts right after the opening <body> tag.
  • Body (footer) scripts: Adds your scripts right before the closing </body> tag.