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Every time you perform a save in the builder, Bricks creates a revision/snapshot of your Bricks elements data (template, page, etc.). Using the official WordPress Revisions API.

You can browse, preview, and apply your revisions inside the builder by clicking the Revisions (clock) icon in the builder toolbar, then going to the “Revisions” tab.

Select any revision in this list to preview it. The canvas should automatically update showing you the selected revision.

Click Apply to continue editing the selected revision. Click Discard to continue editing your current version.

Manage the number of Bricks revisions

In order to limit the number of Bricks revisions, you may define the constant BRICKS_MAX_REVISIONS_TO_KEEP like so (insert this code in the Bricks child theme):

if ( ! defined( 'BRICKS_MAX_REVISIONS_TO_KEEP' ) ) {
    define( 'BRICKS_MAX_REVISIONS_TO_KEEP', 10 );

By default, Bricks sets the maximum to 100 revisions per post for the Bricks templates and enabled post types.

You may set the following values:

  • true: unlimited revisions
  • false or 0: do not store any Bricks’ revisions
  • value above 0: store up to this number of revisions per post. Old revisions are automatically deleted.