Save & Publish

Bricks automatically saves your builder changes every 60 seconds (default).

To set your own autosave interval or disable autosave altogether head over to Settings > Global Settings > Builder.

Bricks also detects unsaved changes and shows you a prompt to help prevent data loss in case you reload the builder by accident.

If you’ve disabled autosave, make sure to hit the Save button at the right-hand side of the toolbar to store your changes.

Bricks creates a snapshot every time the builder data is saved using the WordPress Revisions API (learn more about revisions).

Designing a stunning website or writing compelling content is hard. That’s why Bricks helps you celebrate every saved change by displaying random save messages 🙂

You can customize those save messages via the bricks/builder/save_messages filter.

Publishing A Page

When an unpublished page (draft) is saved the status does not change by itself. So once your page is ready for publishing click the Publish button in the builder toolbar.