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Filter: bricks/dynamic_data/post_terms_links

When rendering the terms assigned to a post using the dynamic data tag {post_terms_my_taxonomy}, Bricks wraps each term with a link to the term archive page. To disable this default behavior, you may hook into the bricks/dynamic_data/post_terms_links filter, like so:

// Disable links for all the {post_terms_my_taxonomy} tags
add_filter( 'bricks/dynamic_data/post_terms_links', '__return_false' );

or, for a specific taxonomy:

add_filter( 'bricks/dynamic_data/post_terms_links', function( $has_links, $post, $taxonomy) {
  // Disable links for my_custom_tax taxonomy
  return $taxonomy !== 'my_custom_tax'; 
}, 10, 3);