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Filter: bricks/element/render_attributes

Starting with Bricks 1.3.7 you may manipulate the HTML attributes of a given element using the following filter:

add_filter( 'bricks/element/render_attributes', function( $attributes, $key, $element ) {
    if ( isset( $element->settings['my_setting'] ) 
       && $element->settings['my_setting'] == 'xpto' ) {
        $attributes[ $key ]['data-xpto'] = 'my data';
    return $attributes;
}, 10, 3 );

The filter callback receives 3 arguments:

  • $attributes – an associative array of the element attributes, grouped by the $key identifier
  • $key – the HTML element identifier to render attributes for
  • $element – the Bricks element object (since Bricks 1.5)

Since Bricks 1.4, if you need to get access to the $is_frontend value (whether the element is rendering in the frontend or in the builder), please use the global function bricks_is_frontend().

Since Bricks 1.5, the $settings and $name arguments are deprecated. You may use the callback 3rd argument to get those: $element->settings and $element->name.