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Filter: bricks/setup/control_options

Bricks offers a WordPress filter to add or remove control options. The control options are used throughout Bricks and allow you to manage the options of the:

  • Template Types (e.g. Header, Footer, Single, Section…)
  • Background position, repeat, attachment or size
  • Button sizes
  • Button or Heading styles
  • Border styles
  • Font weight and style
  • CSS position
  • Query types (e.g. Posts, Terms, Users, ..)
  • Query order by, compare, operator and value type
  • Image Sizes
  • Taxonomies
  • User roles

To manage any of these options or add new ones, use the WP hook bricks/setup/control_options like so:

add_filter( 'bricks/setup/control_options', function( $control_options ) {
    $control_options['templateTypes']['my_template_type'] = esc_html__( 'My Template Type', 'my-plugin' );

    return $control_options;
} );

Note: the above example adds a new template type. To learn about other Bricks controls visit the Topic: Controls.