Theme Styles

Theme Styles allow you to overwrite the default styling of any element, your site layout, colors, links, typography, etc.

To access Theme Styles click the Settings (gear) icon in the toolbar of the builder.

To view your styles click on Edit Style and you’ll see a dropdown listing all Bricks generated and custom styles. Select a style and your canvas will update accordingly with all styles applied to it.


Make sure to set condition(s) so Bricks knows where on your site a style should be active. To apply a certain theme style to your entire website open the Conditions control group, click Add Condition, and select Entire Website.

You can set as many conditions as you want. Let’s say you want to apply a Theme Style to two specific landing pages and your home page. You simply add a condition, click on Individual, and select your two landing pages. Then you add another condition and select Front page.

Custom Styles

To create your own Theme Style click the Create New Style button, give you style a name, and confirm the creation with another click on that button. Then start customizing your new Theme Style.

Style Hierachy

Bricks automatically applies the most specific styling to your site and elements: Theme Styles are preceded by page settings, and page settings are preceded by elements settings on an individual page. Allowing you to easily mix and match styles to your exact requirements.